Property investing and the art of negotiation

Property investing and the art of negotiation

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  • February 23, 2015

Sebastian James_headshotABTR 003 : Property investing and the art of negotiation with Sebastian James

Our guest this episode is Sebastian James from Hunter James.

Hunter James is a bespoke buyer’s agent service who specialises in finding and securing properties for home buyers and investors.

If you are in to property investing this episode is for you!

There is not much Sebastian doesn’t know about property as he’s worked in every part of the industry, from real estate to finance to negotiating and valuing, and has a number of property investments in Australia and overseas.

Sebastian shares some of his negotiation tactics and explains why every entrepreneur must develop their negotiation skills. He also shares how his business is using technology to be more accessible to consumers.

Listen in and  Sebastian will let you in on a few of his secrets for being productive consistently and managing your mindset.

Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learnings) from this episode

• ‘Everything is a negotiation’, every entrepreneur needs to learn how to negotiate effectively.
• It’s not only about passion. Make sure there is a need for your product or service by testing the market before investing time and money building your business.
• Before investing understand your acceptable level of risk.
• When doing business have a long-term view rather than a transactional approach.
• Provide amazing value and service and your customers will keep buying from you.
• Before scaling your business make sure you have processes in place to ensure quality is maintained as you grow.
• Plan your day to be productive.
• Understand what is important in life – Work to Live, not Live to Work.
• Start and end the day by reading or listening to something positive to build an optimistic mindset.

Links and Resources

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Think and Grow Rich by Nepolean Hill
Tony Robbins
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The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
Success Magazine

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