Outsourcing, building your personal brand, and living in flow

Outsourcing, building your personal brand, and living in flow

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  • March 11, 2015

ABTR 005 : Outsourcing, building your personal brand, and living in flow with Monty Hooke

Monty_headshot 1In this episode I’m joined by Monty Hooke from www.ezyva.com . Monty truly represents what A Business

That Rocks is all about. He’s a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Business Growth and Freedom Strategist, and Outsourcing and Virtual Business Expert.

Monty talks about being a ‘Freedompreneur’ and working ‘in flow’ where you build your business to support your freedom (travel, more time with your family) rather than building a business focussed on making the money so you can ‘buy’ your freedom back later on. If you have built a business this probably resonates with you?

In this episode Monty shares with you the 6 breakthrough levels of entrepreneurship and how you can get above the ‘line of leverage’ to become a Freedompreneur .

Like many entrepreneurs Monty came from humble beginnings. Growing up on the water Monty had his first business at the age of 8 year’s old cleaning boats, which was the start of many business ventures. Also like many entrepreneurs Monty kept finding that he was hitting a ceiling in his businesses where he couldn’t grow his businesses past a certain size. It was at this point that Monty learnt that he had to have a game plan (rather than winging it) and build a team (not just delegate tasks) to help him leverage and scale his business.

Monty took these lessons and applied them, making Ezy VA a million dollar business within the first 18 months!

Ezy VA offers Virtual Assistants on a pay as you go or dedicated full-time business. Unlike platforms like Odesk and Elance Ezy VA’s staff members are employed by Ezy VA so you can rest assured that the VA’s will be focussed on your projects.

Monty shares so much valuable advice on how to outsource effectively that if you are considering outsourcing (and you should be) you’re going to love this episode.

Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learnings) from the episode

• Don’t wing it, de-construct your business and build a game plan.
• Learn to leverage people, build teams to help you grow your business.
• Build your business to support your freedom.
• Build your personal brand along the way so your legacy remains once you have exited your business.
• Make sure you have ‘social proof’ of whatever it is you are selling.
• Before outsourcing understand the tasks and processes in your business so that you can provide adequate training.
• Be willing to build training up front so you can replicate the learning.
• Know the value of your time then outsource tasks that are not worth your time.
• Choose a VA that has the skills you need – there is no such this as a General Virtual Assistant that can do everything.
• VA’s don’t build strategies, you need to build the strategy then use the VA to execute the strategy.

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