Making business decisions based on company values

Making business decisions based on company values

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  • March 4, 2015

ABTR 004 : Making business decisions based on company values with Jade Green

Jade Green

My guest this episode is my good friend Jade Green from Velocity Consulting. Jade is a kick ass business women who love’s learning, team sports and fast cars.

Jade is about as down to earth as you can get and has a great sense of humour. We talk about all sorts of interesting and crazy stuff in this episode – we even talk about ‘women’s touch’!! Guys, it’s not what you think it is….

Velocity Consulting is a specialist sales recruiter. In an industry that does not have the best of reputations, Jade is on a mission with Velocity to improve this reputation ‘one client and candidate at a time’.

Jade shares with us how she built her companies values and why she made them the centre of everything she does. In fact, every single new staff member is hired based on their alignment with the Velocity values. Jade suggests every entrepreneur should do the same, and as a recruitment expert, Jade’s advice is worth listening too.

Check it out.

Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learnings) from this episode

• Think about who you want to be to your customers, and build your vision around them.
• Recruit based on values. Every person in your business must live and breathe by company values.
• Do what is best by your customers even if it may disadvantage your business I the short term.
• Be open to change and evolve your business for long term success.
• Don’t be a ‘me too’ business, find ways to differentiate and success will follow.
• Use LinkedIn to post content that is specific to your audience, but remember – it must be relevant to your business. Video’s and pics get more hits than text only posts.
• Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs to be motivated and inspired.
• Use DISC profiling to understand and have better relationships with your staff and customers.

Links and Resources mentioned in the show

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