Leaving Holland To Build Dive Resort In Indonesia with Kim & Bastiaan

Leaving Holland To Build Dive Resort In Indonesia with Kim & Bastiaan

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  • July 10, 2015

ABTR 015 : Leaving Holland To Build Dive Resort In Indonesia with Kim & Bastiaan

Hello from Oslo, Norway! kim and bass live

I promised while on my travels that I’d interview amazing entrepreneurs who are building inspiring businesses and lives in places far from home. I’ve met some inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs over the past few months while living in Indonesia. This episodes guest are a perfect example.

My good friends, Dutch couple Kim Van Winkle & Bastiaan Van Der Kuijl, left their homeland of Holland 6 years ago to build a business and life around their passion, scuba diving, in Asia. During the show Kim & Bastiaan share their story of what was involved in packing up their lives in Holland and moving to Asia to set up their business, Scuba Centre Asia.

We had some great laughs while recording this episode in my island villa, as you can see in the photo. While their stories are funny I know you’ll get loads of value listening to the challenges of setting up a business in Asia, and believe me there are plenty of challenges to consider!

While hanging out over the past few months Monika and I observed how well Kim and Bastiaan work and live together. As a couple who are also business partners Monika and I know first hand how tough it can be working and living with your partner 24/7. During the show Kim and Bastiaan share their strategies of how they’ve managed to build a business together while maintaining a loving and fun filled relationship and lifestyle.


Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learnings) from this episode

  • When moving abroad expect to take about 130 pounds (60kgs) of luggage. Great to know when choosing your airline!
  • When exploring an area overseas to build a business spend plenty of time (Kim & Bass spent 4 months) getting to know the local people and understanding their culture.
  • Have patience, keep your eyes open and ears to the ground and great overseas opportunities will find you. You need to BE THERE (as per the above point).
  • Invest in a good lawyer who understands the local laws
  • Hire young local staff and train them up exactly how you want them to work. This will also support the local community.
  • When working with your partner know when to give each other space.
  • Everyone is different – accommodate your partner’s work style.
  • Develop clear roles and responsibilities to avoid stepping on each other’s toes (super important when working with your hubby or wife!).
  • Let your business evolve. Don’t over plan, be ok with roles and responsibilities unfolding over time.

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Scuba Centre Asia

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