Korean BBQ and how to use LinkedIn to grow your business

Korean BBQ and how to use LinkedIn to grow your business

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  • April 14, 2015

ABTR 008: Korean BBQ and how to use LinkedIn to grow your business big time with Jeff Yang

I’m so excited to share this episode with you because it is full of gold!! So many valuable nuggets of information that I know will help you in your mission to build a business and life that absolutely rocks.

We talk with my good friend Jeff Yang from SocialGen. SocialGen specialises in helping businesses to connect, build relationships and do business with other businesses through LinkedIn.

I’ve used SocialGen’s services for one of my other businesses, Elevate, and in 5 months and I’ve already generated over $60,000 in new business – AWESOME!

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who knows what it is like to bang down doors to sell products and services. And I mean literally, Jeff started as a door to door salesman – sale’s doesn’t get any harder than that!

Jeff moved into digital marketing, ‘took to it like a duck to water’, and ended up working for one of Australia’s top online marketing agencies Eweb Marketing. It is here that Jeff used LinkedIn to secure huge clients for Eweb.

Taking his success using LinkedIn Jeff created SocialGen to help others grow their businesses using the social business network – the right way!

Because Jeff love’s travel and is on a quest to build a lifestyle full of freedom he set up Social Gen using smart systems, technology and outsourced staff. And the best part…Jeff shares it all with you in this episode.

Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learnings) from this episode

The key elements of successfully using LinkedIn to grow your business;

• Set clear goals of what you want from LinkedIn.
• Customize your LinkedIn profile to help achieve your goals.
• Create a targeted list of people you’d like to connect with.
• Tailor connection and meeting requests. Make it personal.
• Post related content regularly to build rapport, authority and trust.
• Don’t ask for a meeting for at least 6 weeks after connecting. LinkedIn is no different to any other form of business development – you need to build the relationship over time.

More Nuggets (told you there were loads)

• Consistency is key – Send 10 connection requests and 5 meeting requests every single day.
• Keep costs low and quality of service high.
• Use outsourced staff to keep costs down and pass the savings onto clients to stay competitive.
• When using outsourced staff, create videos of each task you need performed to train your staff and use daily activity reports to keep overseas staff on track.
• Use collaborative tools such as Google Docs and Buffer App to manage remote staff and communicate with clients.
• Don’t be afraid of making mistakes just make sure you learn from them.
• Build a team with skills that complement your skill set.
• Go old school – use contra deals (swap your products and services for others) to keep costs down and grow your business.
• Work at building a positive mindset and become unstoppable. Be grateful and see the lesson in every experience.

Links and Resources mentioned in the show

Buffer App
Google Docs
Podio (analytics and data)
Cloud Staff (outsourcing)
Social Gen
Jeff Yang on LinkedIn

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