How to get 5000 new customers in a few hours with Chris Barton

How to get 5000 new customers in a few hours with Chris Barton

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  • April 27, 2015

ABTR 010 : How to get 5000 new customers in a few hours with Chris BartonChris Barton

This episodes guest is Chris Barton from RewardsHere & PricePal, a shopping technology platform giving employees of organisations and consumers access to a wide variety of discounts.

Chris invites us under the hood of his business and shares with us so many valuable insights.

We start with a bang as Chris shares his strategy for securing national television coverage for his business. We talk about the massive boost national TV exposure has been for PricePal. Without giving too much away, how does 5000 new customers in a few hours sound? Freakin Awesome!!

Chris talks about the clever models he’s using to grow his business as fast as he has in just 12 months. His savvy nature has attracted some fantastic business partners who are now working with Chris to dominate their industries and expand into Asia.

We wrap things up with some tips from Chris as to how he manages his crazy busy lifestyle.

Chris is an entrepreneur who is really building a business that ROCKS! You don’t want to miss this episode.


Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learnings) from this episode

  • Look after the PR for your business as no PR agency will be able to tell your story like you can.
  • Have a targeted approach to securing PR opportunities.
  • Build relationships with journalists as you would any other business relationship.
  • PR generates more PR.
  • If you own a B2B business don’t forget SME’s. Their decision makers are easier to get to and make quicker decisions.
  • When going into business with others (especially family and friends) make sure everyone agrees from the outset what the plan is.
  • No matter how little cash you have make sure you have the appropriate agreements in place in case the worst happens.
  • Put yourself in the right place and make yourself visible and the right opportunities will come along.
  • When putting a board together make sure you look for people who have skill sets that are different to yours.

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