How to crack the US market and build a $15 million empire with Belinda Coker

How to crack the US market and build a $15 million empire with Belinda Coker

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  • August 17, 2015

ABTR 016 : How to crack the US market and build a $15 million empire with Belinda Coker

Hello from Baden Baden, Germany!Belinda Coker

This episode is killer! I’ve been saving it to wrap up season one of the ABTR podcast. Yep, that’s right, this episode will be the final official episode for 2015, though I may release a special episode from time to time.

The truth is I love doing this show, however I’m struggling to find the time as my other businesses are going through some exciting, and demanding, times. Elevate is in the process of merging with an ASX listed company, and my ecommerce biz with Monika is growing rapidly.

I plan to pick the show back up again next year so I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your support so far.

OK, on to the show. My guest this episode is entrepreneur Belinda Coker from Envirosax and Bellouco. Belinda started Envirosax with very little money and grew it into a $15 global empire in just a few short years. AMAZING STUFF!!! This alone should inspire you enough to listen to the episode right now!!

Belinda shares with us her Envirosax journey (and believe me it’s one heck of a journey) as well as bunch of lessons she’s learned, and the strategies she used to build her empire.

What I admire most about Belinda’s story is that she has now created her version of a business that rocks. Belinda is still the visionary and product designer at Envirosax, which are the parts she loves doing, while licensing out the other parts of the business like people management, logistics and manufacture, which are the parts she does not like to do. PERFECT!

With a less demanding role at Envirosax Belinda set up Bellouco. Using her own experiences in Asia, Bellouco (Belinda), helps business owners to source manufacturers in China and Taiwan, negotiate terms and perform quality control. Take it from me, I’ve just started using Bellouco’s services and I know they will save me loads of time, money and headaches!

I know you’re going to love this final episode for series one.


Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learnings) from this episode

  • There are many ways to skin a cat, choose a strategy that feel right and go for it.
  • When you really really need something to happen it usually does, as long as you’re taking steps towards your goals.
  • Appreciate your people – reward them regularly to show you care.
  • Make sure you have the system in place to support the size of your company (I know you’ve heard this one before but its so important).
  • Trust your intuition then look for data to back it up, even when your board or advisors tell you otherwise.
  • Find a way to do the parts of your business you love, and get others to do the rest (very few entrepreneurs pull this off).

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