Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Health, & Being An Author

Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Health, & Being An Author

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  • March 27, 2015

ABTR 006: Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Health, and being an author with Naturopath Emma Sutherland

Emma Sutherland is a Clinical Naturopath, Author, Speaker, TV Presenter and mum – so she has a bit going on.


In this episode Emma shares with us what it takes to build a successful and sustainable health business. Emma goes into detail of how she used a PR agency early in her career to help establish her personal brand (something Emma thinks is key for every entrepreneur) which has led to book and TV deals.

We explore the process Emma used to write two books while managing her day to day business. Emma also debunks a few myths about being an author that I know you’ll find interesting.

As well as the business stuff I made the most of having a Clinical Naturopath on the show by asking Emma about the types of health issues busy entrepreneurs come up against. Emma goes into detail about the two big issues you need to be aware of, Adrenal Fatigue and Poor Gut Health, and provides loads of useful information and tips to help you achieve optimal health and an abundance of energy so you can kick ass in business and life.

Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learnings) from the episode

• Look after your gut as it hugely affects your overall health and energy levels.
• Cleanse your system of Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar and Gluten a few times every year for optimal gut health and mental clarity.
• Practice Intuitive Eating.
• Always keep learning to stay at the top of your game.
• Force yourself to learn skills you don’t particularly like in the early days to save cash and move your business forward.
• Get a mentor to accelerate your personal and business growth.
• Build word of mouth marketing – ask your customers for referrals.
• Always allow time for generating new business even when you are busy – don’t wait until you need it.
• Have multiple revenue streams to leverage your time (especially relevant for service industries).
• Build your personal brand – it’s key to your success.
• Take calculated risks and back yourself to succeed.

Links and Resources from the show

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
50 foods that will change your life by Emma Sutherland
Sophia Eats – a parent’s guide to toddler health and wellbeing by Emma Sutherland
Emmas Community Cleanse

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