How to build highly successful partnerships

How to build highly successful partnerships

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  • February 16, 2015

ABTR 002 : How to build highly successful partnerships with Georgie Drury 

ABTR 002_Georgie photoMy guest this episode is a great friend of mine, Georgie Drury from technology company Springday. Georgie represents what A Business That Rocks is all about – Business, Health and Lifestyle.

In 2009 Georgie left her successful corporate career and took a huge leap of faith and launched Springday, which is best described as ‘your online personal trainer’ to help you achieve health goals. The risk Georgie took paid off bigtime. Setting up smart partnerships early on with huge brands like LuLu Lemon as well as Olympic athletes helped Springday to grow its membership to over 5000 in the first year. Awesome!

Springday has evolved into a company helping organisations to improve employee health, engagement and productivity. Springday and my company Elevate have joined forces over the past couple of years and have generated well over $100,000 in business as a result of our partnership.

Georgie and I discuss in detail the ins and outs of finding, establishing and building successful partnerships like ours. If you are interested in partnerships, which you should be, then you need to hear this – it’s gold!

Mum of two, Georgie has built Springday with lifestyle as her number one objective. Georgie shares her secrets behind her desirable lifestyle as well as her clever low cost model including her shared office environment and remote team of highly skilled stay at home mums.

Georgie is one smart cookie. I’ve learnt loads from her and I know you will too.

Gold Nuggets (AKA – Key Learning’s) From This Episode

• When embarking on a health goal start with small changes and build upon them to avoid being overwhelmed by the size of the end goal.
• To avoid legacy issues with technology platforms know when to draw a line in the sand and move on from outdated platforms.
• Build technology that is customised to your customer’s specific needs, as this is what’s expected in 2014.
• When partnering ask ‘what can I offer my partner?’ first, not ‘what can my partner offer me?’
• Communication and trust is everything when working with partners.
• Test partnerships by doing small projects first then grow together.
• People buy from people they like.
• Build your business around your ideal lifestyle, not the other way around.
• Measure and manage your team based on outcomes, not hours in the office.
• Do what makes you money!

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