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Dan Carlin here, Founder of A Business That Rocks.

I’m excited to say that after a year in the making we’ve officially LAUNCHED!

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How to crack the US market and build a $15 million empire with Belinda Coker

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ABTR 016 : How to crack the US market and build a $15 million empire with Belinda Coker

Hello from Baden Baden, Germany!Belinda Coker

This episode is killer! I’ve been saving it to wrap up season one of the ABTR podcast. Yep, that’s right, this episode will be the final official episode for 2015, though I may release a special episode from time to time.

The truth is I love doing this show, however I’m struggling to find the time as my other businesses are going through some exciting, and demanding, times. Elevate is in the process of merging with an ASX listed company, and my ecommerce biz with Monika is growing rapidly.

I plan to pick the show back up again next year so I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your support so far.

OK, on to the show. My guest this episode is entrepreneur Belinda Coker from Envirosax and Bellouco. Belinda started Envirosax with very little money and grew it into a $15 global empire in just a few short years. AMAZING STUFF!!! This alone should inspire you enough to listen to the episode right now!!

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Are You Suffering From Shiny Object Syndrome?

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‘You will encounter many distractions and many temptations to put your goal aside. But if you hang in there, always following your vision, I have no doubt you will succeed.’

Larry Flynt

Entrepreneurs by nature are ideas people. We are the innovators of world who dare to think big. We see the world through a different lens, see opportunities where other don’t and are willing to take risks and put our plans into action.

While these qualities are gifts this love for new opportunities and innovation can distract us from our goals and ultimately your success.

When a business is brand new we have so much belief in our idea that nothing can distract us. The excitement knowing that our idea is becoming a reality consumes every thought and we charge at it like a red rag to a bull.

However, there comes a time, typically when a business starts to grow and becomes more visible, when new ideas and opportunities present themselves. For the idea loving entrepreneurial mind these new opportunities are like an industrial strength magnet pulling you in their direction.

I call this phenomenon Shiny Object Syndrome.

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